I’ll admit, I didn’t really want to go to Quito. I was in total beach mode and didn’t see the appeal of high rise buildings, fast-paced life, and all that pollution. The character, culture and conveniences all really took me by surprise and after my first week there, I realized I actually kinda really liked […]

With our new and good friend Scotty leaving the island, our week was jam-packed with animal encounters, adrenaline activities and plenty of feasts. In other words, we’ve been playing hooky. A lot. The Galápagos never stops surprising me with it’s fascinating wildlife. All in this one week we’ve seen giant tortoises, sea lions galore, millions […]

We arrived in Mompiche a week after the newly elected mayor was murdered. One could say it was a sign of bad things to come. As I sat on the Trans Esmeraldas bus, weaving up through the Andes mountains with my stomach churning, head spinning, a child vomiting next to me, and toilet water sloshing […]

We’re starting to get used to the fact that we’re living in the Galápagos and the days are passing by faster than ever. We’ve been here almost four weeks now, it’s really hard to believe. Taxi drivers wave to us as they pass by, bus drivers know to wait for us, and the local señoritas […]

From the day we arrived in Ecuador we knew we’d need longer than 90 days. Though small compared to its neighbouring latin American countries, Ecuador has everything from adrenaline-filled Andean Adventures, to quaint fishing villages dotting the coast, to lush tropical rainforest, Amazonian rivers, and mysterious Pacific Islands offering wildlife experiences most have never even […]

All I knew about Rio Muchacho was the short blurb it has in the Lonely Planet. But the book only mentions Rio Muchacho as an organic farm you can visit outside of Canoa on the Manabi coast of Ecuador. They sell tours of the farm and offer apprenticeships in sustainable agriculture. Hence my confusion when […]

The weather hasn’t been the greatest this week. The good news is that while it’s raining up here in Bellavista, the coast is usually pretty dry, if not beaming with sunshine. It’s hard to know what to expect but I’m learning that sometimes you just have to forget about the weather and embrace whatever happens. […]

I can’t quite put my finger on what it is about Canoa. It’s certainly laid back. It’s definitely pretty. And it’s, you know, cheap. But there’s something about this small coastal fishing village that doesn’t have me itching to go back. It could perhaps be the party-hungry beachfront cabana bars battling to out-blast the next, […]

Since I moved away from home I’ve lived in some pretty sweet digs. From a totally off the grid jungle hut generating solar power and catching rain water, to a camper van and road map, to an old nun’s convent converted hostel—I’m trying it all. These are real-life examples of the different dwellings you can […]

I often feel like I’m living in a disorientated dream where fairytale and reality collide and one day I’m suddenly going to wake up a robot living a boring life. But then I pinch myself and realize “nope… this is it”. Weekly wanders is my visual account of life on the road, dreaming big, and […]