Become a Nomad

We arrived in Mompiche a week after the newly elected mayor was murdered. One could say it was a sign of bad things to come. As I sat on the Trans Esmeraldas bus, weaving up through the Andes mountains with my stomach churning, head spinning, a child vomiting next to me, and toilet water sloshing […]

From the day we arrived in Ecuador we knew we’d need longer than 90 days. Though small compared to its neighbouring latin American countries, Ecuador has everything from adrenaline-filled Andean Adventures, to quaint fishing villages dotting the coast, to lush tropical rainforest, Amazonian rivers, and mysterious Pacific Islands offering wildlife experiences most have never even […]

Since I moved away from home I’ve lived in some pretty sweet digs. From a totally off the grid jungle hut generating solar power and catching rain water, to a camper van and road map, to an old nun’s convent converted hostel—I’m trying it all. These are real-life examples of the different dwellings you can […]

We arrived at the LAN counter right on time, handed the check-in clerk our passports and smiled politely as we said “Ecuador” when asked our destination. She asked for our onward travel documents and my face dropped. Not again… “We’ll be taking a bus from Ecuador to Peru,” I explained. She wasn’t having it. She […]

To bring makeup traveling or not to bring makeup traveling… a common query when it comes to packing. Personally, I don’t wear much (or any) makeup in hot climates because it’s nearly impossible, it just melts off your face. That being said, I like to have some makeup for those special nights out or when […]

Excuse my absence over the past few months, Rory and I have uprooted our lives from our first world, metropolitan digs to a coastal Ecuadorian fishing village and its suffice to say it’s been hectic. Our old hood — Vancouver Our new hood — Ecuador I can safely say my hoarding days are over after […]

Money is probably the most heard of excuse for why people don’t travel. Yes, traveling can be very expensive, but if you keep these money-saving tips for traveling in mind, you too can become a travel expert and see the world without breaking the bank. I have never been rich or even paid an average […]