Weekly Wanders 2: Tropical Flowers, Viruses, and Views

I often feel like I’m living in a disorientated dream where fairytale and reality collide and one day I’m suddenly going to wake up a robot living a boring life. But then I pinch myself and realize “nope… this is it”. Weekly wanders is my visual account of life on the road, dreaming big, and having a lot of fun doing it. Weigh in on your favourite image in the comments section!

It’s been a rough two weeks here in Roamaholic land. Our stay in Manta was extended while we waited, and waited, and waited for our tourist visas to get approved. On the bright side, we got them (not without a few tears of frustration).

Meanwhile, we both contracted dengue fever leaving us bedridden in the worst area of the worst city I’ve ever stayed in. Let’s just say our stay in Manta was far from pleasant.

From there, we made a treacherous, three-day journey to Canoa, Mompiche and then on to Quito where I was finally able to rest and recover. More on that nightmare another day.

While we’ve actually traveled quite significantly over the past two weeks, it wasn’t exactly the kind of photo-filled trip one would hope for. Luckily, we were able to make a little day trip from Manta over to the handicraft town of Monticristi before falling ill where we climbed the mountain, roamed the town and checked out the local goods for sale on every street corner.

From there everything went downhill and most of my days were spent either on a bus or in a bed, until yesterday when I was finally well enough to get out and explore. We took a short walk over to Carolina park and the Quito botanical gardens. Unfortunately, the orchid garden – the main attraction at the gardens – was closed for a wedding, but I was just happy to be out and about.

We have at least another week here in the capital city so we’ll be doing a lot more exploring. Nothing makes you want to be active more than being bedridden and bored for days on end. Let’s just pray the nice weather holds up.

Enough of that non-excitement, on to the photos:


Sunflower in Monticristi, Ecuador#1: Sunflower on the streets of Monticristi, Ecuador


Traditional crafts and Monticristi church, Ecuador#2: Traditional handicrafts and the church of Monticristi, Ecuador – the town’s main attractions.


Sunset in Mompiche, Ecuador#3: View of the sunset from our house in Mompiche, Ecuador.


Quito botanical gardens#4: A flower blooming at the Quito botanical gardens.


View from our apartment in Quito, Ecuador - Roamaholic#5: View of the mountains from our apartment in Quito, Ecuador.


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