Weekly Wanders 4: Just Call Me Inspector Gadget

I often feel like I’m living in a disorientated dream where fairytale and reality collide and one day I’m suddenly going to wake up a robot living a boring life. But then I pinch myself and realize “nope… this is it”. Weekly wanders is my visual account of life on the road, dreaming big, and having a lot of fun doing it. Weigh in on your favourite image in the comments section!

This week was a busy one indeed. We went on a luxury hotel tour, staying in Johansens recommended Ecuadorian properties to ensure they were up to snuff for the guides. Hotel hopping from one city to the next we managed to cover a distance of 1250km (777mi), which in a country this small is quite a lot. Traveling for at least an hour each day takes it out of you, but we tried to make the most of our time in each place and soak up all the luxurious goodness before it was back to peanut butter jelly sandwiches and oatmeal.

It’s a bit strange being treated like royalty at first but definitely easy to get used to. We enjoyed three course meals, presidential suites, and spa treatments — it’s a tough life but a good condolence prize for the madness of last month. Basically, we were too busy being pampered to get any work done and we’ll be paying for it next week.

An emergency dental restoration also meant we had to backtrack to Quito rather than continue on from Cuenca, but alas toothaches are not fun so we sucked it up and went back. We’d already seen everything we wanted to in Quito so we have a few days of pure relaxation before we jet off the the Galapagos islands! Now, I must go prepare.

This week I wandered…

Boutique Mansion del Angel - Quito, Ecuador | Roamaholic#1: A different side of Quito


Peacock at La Mirage - Cotacachi, Ecuador | Roamaholic#2: The peacock filled gardens of La Mirage, Cotacachi


Courtyard at Mansion del Alcazar - Cuenca, Ecuador | Roamaholic#3: The courtyard of Mansion del Alcazar, Cuenca


Basilica - Cuenca, Ecuador | Roamaholic#4: The church-filled streets of Cuenca


View from Hacienda Uzhupud = Paute, Ecuador | Roamaholic#5: Hacienda Uzhupud in the valley of Paute, one hour outside of Cuenca


What have you been up to this week? Which photo is your favourite?


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